Thanks For Joining
The Invest Love Project!
(You should receive a welcome text with your Kindness Tracker for the month within 15 minutes)
Just To Recap:

Step 1.
Look for short messages that positively impact you throughout the month.
Specifically messages that brighten your day.

Step 2.
Write those short messages down on small pieces of paper & keep one with you at all times. 
Step 3.
Once each month, visit a local restaurant & pay for someone's meal anonymously.
This can be drive thru, carryout, or dine in. 

Step 4.
Take one of your positive notes & pass it along through the person serving you.
Step 5.
Each month, invite a different friend or family member to join you & hold each other accountable. 

Rinse & Repeat. 

This project is designed to help us learn how to leverage technology to make good things normal.
Let's start here.